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Protecting birds - community co-management


In order to further strengthen the Snake Island Laotie Mountain National Nature Reserve of natural resources and ecological environment protection work, to crack down on chaos, and the hunting behavior is to ensure the smooth operation of the autumn migratory birds migrate, September 1, 2008, old iron mountain snake island nature reserve organization fall Potect bird defense meeting, opened the prelude of Potect bird in autumn of 2008. Take part in the symposium units have, Liaoning provincial, Lushun government, Dalian municipal environmental protection bureau, forestry bureau in Dalian, wild keep standing in Dalian and Lushun forestry administration, forestry public security police station, Dalian television, Lushun broadcasting station, Dalian daily, Dalian evening news, peninsula morning paper news media reporters and bird Potect bird volunteers.

Symposium, snake island Wang Li old iron mountain nature reserve administration, deputy director of the reserve are introduced the basic situation and the concrete scheme of fall 2008 Potect bird, he emphasized the importance and urgency of protecting birds, reserve hope to contact the streets and the village committee to establish a good mechanism, make great contribution to protect the natural resources and the construction of ecological civilization, at the same time, points out that snake island the old iron mountain national nature reserve is located in the economically developed city, protected area population and numerous enterprises, economic development has brought a lot of stress to ecological protection, at the same time, it brings new topics for nature conservation, following the path of community co-management, is an effective way, reserve and community the streets together to carry out activities to protect birds, protect the natural environment, is to explore a new management model, a new experience.

Potect bird work this year, the snake island old iron mountain nature reserve will continue to conduct Potect bird "one hundred days", that is, from September 1 to December 1, the reserve management office staff into four groups, adopt the form of the division of responsibility, the protection zones for migratory birds, high for all the work of the management. Compared with previous years, this year's Potect bird work has the following two prominent features:

First, fully mobilize the power of the relevant departments, strict management in accordance with the law of the reserve. Reserve construction is the overall goal of promoting ecological civilization, building a harmonious nature reserve, in order to achieve harmony, people and natural harmony. In this year's Potect bird work, reserve will depend on the departments such as public security, forestry and environmental protection compulsory means, intensify law enforcement, conservation of ecological security. During the period of "Potect bird month", especially before and after "11", provincial forestry bureau of public security, environmental monitoring team in Dalian, Dalian wild will stand, Lushun forestry public security local police station and reserve personnel joint action, hit the bird, bird, eat bird's illegal activities. Action, law enforcement officers will be in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China on wild animal protection act, the law of the People's Republic of China on nature reserves ordinance, "snake island old iron mountain nature reserve management method" laws and regulations such as the strict law enforcement, for all kinds of illegal administrative penalty, the circumstances are serious, the criminal detention, breaking the "criminal law", such as hunting national key protection wild birds than 2, will be handed over to prosecutors.

Second, the national and social participation, reserve and street community management reserve. The Potect bird action, changed the past reserves single-soldier combat mode, government, army, school, community and people from all walks of life are involved, especially the Lushun government gave attaches great importance to and vigorously support, Potect bird action plans by the government instructions to the streets and office, reserve for collaboration. This year, the ministry of commerce and industry will play an important role in the Potect bird action, for the hotel in the supervision and inspection, to eliminate the phenomenon of selling bird, eat. At the same time, the snake island the old iron mountain nature reserve in the form of a letter to the city party members and cadres of the initiative, requires party member cadre to take the lead against eating bird bad customs. In iron mountain ditch streets of zhuang village, community residents actively organize a variety of birds, Potect bird propaganda activities, and team defense, hill found on a regular basis. The primary and secondary schools students through activities such as organization essay, painting, popularize knowledge of birds. In Potect bird activities, reserve will also employ some volunteers to assist in nature reserve. People from all walks of life to participate in the activities of Potect bird enthusiastically, the symposium on August 29, from more than 100 Lushun hotel boss read the "restore social morality, consciously resist eating bird bad customs" in suzhou, they say, is willing to contribute force for the protection of birds, protection of natural ecology, promised during the migratory birds don't run any bird food, and called for all the citizens to participate in the activities of birds Potect bird consciously.


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